The research projects conducted by the Bureau are funded by the University and other national and international organizations. The Bureau has been empowered by the Syndicate to seek, accept and to handle outside grants/funds in connection with research and training activities.

Reserach area

The main areas in which researches are undertaken by the members of the Bureau are: Farm Management Analysis, Allocation of Resources (i.e., land, labour and water resources), Economics of New Agricultural Technologies, Agricultural credit and Financial Management, rural Institutions with emphasis on Cooperatives, pricing and Marketing of Agricultural Products, Irrigation and water Resources Development, Economics of Fisheries and Livestock, Economics of Crop Diversification, rural Institutions, NGO Programmes, Gender aspects in agricultural development, etc. The members of the Bureau are involved in commissioned researches and also offer consultancy services to the national and international organizations.


Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology has 63 teachers in 5 departments. Of them, 30 are Professors, 15 are Associate Professors, 5 are Assistant Professors and 10 are Lecturers. A total of 45 teachers got their Ph.D. degrees from home and abroad. Most of them are involved in research projects. BAU has, thus, turned into the largest repository of highly qualified agricultural economic scientists in the country.