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The Bureau of Socioeconomic Research and Training (BSERT) was established in 1965 under the faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology of the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh. The Faculty started functioning in 1963 with five constituent departments: (1) Agricultural Economics, (2) Agricultural Finance and Banking, (3) Agricultural and Applied Statistics, (4) Agribusiness and Marketing and (5) Rural Sociology.

The need for establishing BSERT was felt in 1965 to initiate, develop and coordinate socioeconomic research and extension activities of the members of the Faculty in the field of agriculture and rural development. Initially, the Bureau was named as “Bureau of Agricultural Economics, Statistical and Sociological Research”. However, to cope with the growing need for providing training on different aspects of agricultural and rural development, the Bureau was renamed as the Bureau of Socioeconomic Research and Training (BSERT) in 1977. The office of the BSERT is in the Faculty building of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology of BAU.


Research and Training Facilities:

To facilitate research and training activities, the BSERT has installed four micro-computers with printers and a photocopier. The Bureau has also a microbus to facilitate field work by its members. Further, in connection with research and training the Bureau can take advantage of any physical facilities (like computer, overhead projector, etc.) available with the five departments of the Faculty.

The Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology has a Library- Shamsul Islam Memorial Library, with good collection of valuable books and journals on economics & allied disciplines particularly in relation to Agricultural and Rural development. It offers library facilities to researchers, members of the Bureau as well as to the trainees and students of the Faculty.


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